The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: Newborn Hearing

I often wonder whether Baby can hear the different sounds around her… I know about eye development in a newborn, but hearing is new territory.

In the same way that a baby’s vision needs to be stimulated from the beginning, as I understand it so the same is true for hearing.

One fascinating thing I have seen so far is how the Little One responds to the voice of my husband.

He has a very deep and almost chocolatey velvet kind of voice. When he speaks to her, she simply gazes at him and just sits there in his arms, cool as a cucumber…

…That is until she remembers that she’s hungry or that her nappy is soaking wet!

And honestly, I think the 2 grandmothers are secretly a little jealous that he can do this!

There is evidence that a baby responds to familiar voices even when in the womb so I imagine her familiarity with his voice comes from this time.

One thing I have experienced is that often when we talk to babies, the pitch of our voice changes… usually it goes up. If this is all a baby hears, this is what they will mimic, potentially affecting speech development.

So we sing to her, we babble to her, we talk to her… using the whole of our vocal range, so Baby experiences a full compliment of sounds… Allowing my chocolatey husband to be everything from a Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut, to a Galaxy Smooth!

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