The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: True Colours

Did you know that newborn babies can only see in black, white and shades of grey?

It’s not until they are one week old that they start to develop some sense of colour vision, starting with the reds, oranges, yellows and greens, then gradually developing colour vision towards the shorter wavelengths of light i.e. the blues and the purples.

The retina consists of millions of colour receptors, which quickly develop over the early weeks of life, but fewer colour receptors exist in the retina for blues and violets, hence later development.

After the first few days, I noticed that my Little One really only focused on my face, preferring high contrast, well defined stimuli. She didn’t really take much notice of any of the bright coloured toys waved in front of her face by her devoted fans.

Now however, to my absolute delight, her attention is held by bright colours even if only for a short while.

I guess the bright purple curtains that I have ordered for her room is a good call, and will not go un-appreciated!

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