The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: The Newborn Eye Check

When I was still in the hospital after the little one was born, the paediatrician came to give her the “once over” before discharging her.

She did all manner of things like checking weight, height, hip movements, head circumference… the list goes on.

Then she whips out an instrument so familiar to me, yet so out of place for where my head was at, a day after childbirth, that I got quite startled.

An Ophthalmoscope…It’s what Optometrists use to check the back of the eye.

And of course that is was she proceeded to do with the little bubba.

As a newborn, a few eye related problems need to be ruled out and if any are found, hopefully can be treated early.

For example a congenital cataract – exactly the same as a cataract in an adult only the baby is born with it. It goes to say that if there is a cataract there, the little one gets almost no visual stimulation so visual development is poor.

Visual prognosis? Not good.

Or a retinoblastoma – a tumour of the eye. This again, means little to no visual development.

Visual and possibly life prognosis? Not good.

So my brown eyed baby girl had her first eye check… basic but invaluable. 

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