The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: Rolling Acrobatics

Time is rolling by faster than you can say Eyesey Eyecare, and everyday things are changing.

Recently The Little One has been working out her triceps doing her daily dose of push ups… her head bobbing up and down on her play mat or just peeping out over the top of her crib. Then she’ll give that cheeky lopsided grin and for those 5 seconds, everything ‘s perfect.

Then 3 months to the day she was born, Baby flips right over… back to front. And of course, The Husband and I miss it… one minute she’s on her back, the next second she’s flip flopped right over!

Of course now she’s doing it all the time… which poses a new dilemma…

The usual routine is feed, burp, play. And play usually involves lying down to some degree only now, she lies, kicks her legs about, then she rolls, and oops up comes the milk!

So we are learning… tummy time is great… but the resting and digesting must happen first before the acrobatics begin!

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