The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: Crocodile Tears

7 weeks in and the Little One still hasn’t shed a tear.

Don’t get me wrong, she has cried… man has she cried, but not the tears dripping down her face kind of crying.

She has come pretty close, where her eyes have become watery but that’s about it.

Doing some research on this, I found out that in the first few weeks and sometimes even months of life, a baby only produces enough tears to lubricate the surface of the eye.

Their tear ducts are not fully developed at birth, so tears don’t spill down the cheeks.

Once developed, the tear ducts may become sporadically blocked which can result in that “yellowy gunk” being visible. It’s nothing to worry about as it usually clears with warm water and massage but it’s always good to know the cause of these things.

My husband and I find it heartbreaking when she cries now… I cannot imagine what it will feel like when she cries real tears. #newmum #newmumdelights #littleone #eyesybaby #babydevelopment #crocodiletears #pinneropticians

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