The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: Burping and Farting

The two sounds I never thought I would grow to love, nor did I ever think would become music to my ears, would be “The Burp” and “The Fart”.

The Hubby does it all the time… give him a glass of coke and some brussel sprouts and away he goes (yes, Christmas was tough in our house).

But it just doesn’t sound (or smell) that great… kind of like chalk on a blackboard to me.

However, my Little One, give her her fill of milk and I am praying for the melodic sounds of burping and farting… I actually find myself congratulating her and getting really excited when I hear a little Burp pop out!

When it does, her 3 week old eyes open wide and she gives that sheepish look as if to say “oops I did it again”.

And when it doesn’t happen, I am frantically sitting there rubbing her back hoping for that cacophony of sounds that tells me she’s one satisfied customer.

Even at 4am, her own unique sounds will never cease to make me smile.

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