The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: 1 Year Later

And so it goes, a year has passed since the Eyesey Baby came along.

From tummy time, to rolling at 4 months, crawling at 6, walking at 11 and a few teeth somewhere in between, she is a tenacious character with a cheeky grin for everyone.

Her hand eye coordination seems better than mine, picking up the tiniest morsel of food left on her plate.

Is she a lefty or a righty? It’s too early to tell but she is trying out both. She might throw a ball with her right and pick it up with her left, but then hold her spoon with her left and rub food in her hair with her right.

She communicates without words, using signs, facial expressions, hand gestures and sounds.

She wrestles with her monkey and cuddles her baby doll, she splashes at bath time and dances to hip hop, she turns the pages of her books at bedtime and sucks her thumb as she falls asleep…

… A year has passed and the Eyesey Baby grows… Thank you, for your support, encouragement, good wishes and loyalty.

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