Ooo Eyesey!

“Excellent, personalised, polite care”– G. Lilley ( Sept 2017)

“I have always been totally satisfied with the service I have received”– R. Ringart (June 2017)

“Highly recommended. Rabiyyah took care of every need of my son, Caidden. Lovely staff and service”– C. Yapp (June 2017)

 “A really friendly local optician. Good service and helpful picking glasses – I tried on most in the shop! Thanks Milica! I really liked Rabiyyah, the Optometrist, had faith in her and would recommend her to others”– K. Wong (May 2017)

“Moorfields was full of praise. Service very helpful”– M. (May 2017)

“I was impressed with the very thorough examination, coupled with good explanation – many thanks!”– P. Kaupe (May 2017)

“Excellent, personal and quick service. Only came to by 1 lens… ended up buying 3!”– J. Karia (May 2017)

“Much appreciated of the detailed attention for my examination”– B. Robinson (May 2017)

“Very friendly service and take care to make sure all is well fitting”– S. Alexander (May 2017)

“Excellent service”– D. Want (Apr 2017)

“Excellent service. Very attentive and knowledgeable (Rabiyyah) and explains all to me. Reception staff also very helpful”– A. Want (Apr 2017)

“Always wonderful service and highly recommend”– D. Elliott (Apr 2017)

“Absolutely fantastic service of all staff. Rabiyyah is extremely knowledgeable”– Mrs A. Sarazala (March 2017)

“Very helpful people. They originally fixed a broken hinge immediately and without charge. So now all the family go here. Courteous and friendly”– Anon (Jan 2017)

“Everyone has been really friendly and helpful – in both the eye test and choosing glasses. I’ve already recommended you to friends!”– J. Angharad (Jan 2017)

“Very friendly people”- J. Jenner (Jan 2017)

“They are very good and I recommend to everybody”- R. Latif (Dec 2016)


“Lovely service”- J.Bradpiece  14.04.2016

“Highly recommended, very friendly”.- Mrs Jivraj 29.04.2016

“Friendly and helpful”- Anon 07.05.2016

“Excellent service”- J. Barrett 12.03.2016

“5 out of 5 service”- S.Mohamud 30.03.2016

“Everybody is super friendly!”- Anon 12.03.2016

 “Excellent service and care. My 2 year old was co-operative because of the manner of the optometrist. 10 out of 10!! The shop itself is a lovely place. I would certainly recommend.”
Anon 29.01.2016

“Excellent service” – Mrs A. Sarazala 09.03.2016

“Excellent service” – Anon 11.03.2016


“AWESOME!!”– I.Susanu 18.04.2015

 “Very professional and great after sales service. Glasses are selected to compliment the shape of the face, nose, hair and skin tone. Attention to detail is excellent and the time taken is not an issue.” – Mr N. Lowe 13.01.2015

“Excellent service. I will come back again” – P.Pearce 25.03.2015

“The staff has been so helpful and supportive. I would not hesitate to recommend them and have been delighted with everything. Rabiyyah is such a lovely, caring person.” – S. Freeman 18.03.2015

“Excellent service!” – Anon 22.04.2015

“Service is second to none and I have already recommended to my family” – Anon 12.05.2015

“Rabiyyah is a great practitioner. Totally honest, straightforward and did not try to sell me something I didn’t need. Highly recommended!”  – V. Chamberlain 03.06.2015



“A few weeks ago I saw some spectacle frames that I wanted to purchase and had great difficulty in tracking them down. It was after I received a phone call from Mr Oliver Goldsmith that I learned that I could purchase them from you at Eyesey Eyecare.

From the moment you contacted me you were very clear about when you expected to have them and how I could try them on, even though I live an hour and a half away.

Indeed I was so pleased with the glasses, and the excellent service I experienced, that I decide to buy another pair and ask you to supply the lenses also.

At every stage you kept me informed of progress and answered my questions with understanding and sound advice.  I am, of course, delighted with the glasses, your attention to the smallest detail, and your exemplary customer service. I now consider Eyesey Eyecare to be my eyecare provider, despite the distance.”

CL, Oxfordshire (April 2014)




“Visiting Eyesey Eyecare was like taking a breath of fresh air!

The reassuring professionalism of the Optometrist – Rabiyyah, the excellent customer service and the atmosphere in the shop was a delightful experience.

Thanks to them, I now enjoy good, clear eyesight.

I highly recommend Eyesey Eyecare.”

HA, Harrow (April 2014)



“A very appealing atmosphere, presided over a very competent professional. One is immediately at ease. Go there for a consultation, they make you feel welcome!” – Anon 03.10.2014

“Courteous, efficient, helpful and totally professional and friendly. Thank you for your help.” – H 04.11.2014

“Highly recommended, very friendly atmosphere & comfortable surroundings, expert knowledge & no hard sale” – Anon 18.09.2014

“My prescription has not been easy but Rabiyyah has been caring, diligent and flexible in order to create the right result” – J.Damlly 02.08.2014

“You’re the best!”– H 02.08.2014

“Rabbi is very professional and helpful and does an excellent job. Reception is good as well”. – Anon 13.07.2014

“Rabiyyah was very helpful” – Mrs P.S Levy May 2014

“Visiting EyeseyEyecare was like taking a breath of fresh air! The reassuring professionalism of the optometrist Rabiyyah, the excellent customer service and the atmosphere in the shop was a delightful experience. Thanks to them I have and ENJOY good and clear eyesight. I highly recommend EyeseyEyecare.”  – H.A 23-04-2014

“A quick and efficient service. Took time to help me select the best frames and made recommendations regarding lens options. I highly recommend!” – J.Lucehett 18-11-2014

“great service, friendly, professional- totally amazing, Well done” – A. Yank 16-09-2014



“I went to Eyesey Eyecare for an eye test after over 10 years. Rabiyyah was excellent in explaining to me the differences between types of glasses, lenses and contacts. I am really pleased with my new varifocal glasses and am now going to order varifocal contacts for those special occasions where I do not want to wear glasses. I would highly recommend Eyesey Eyecare.”
NM, Pinner (April 2014)

…a very positive experience, all of my family have been happy with all aspects of their service…”
BP, Carpenders Park (March 2014)

“I always enjoy going to Eyesey. One gets the feeling of complete professional service, always with a smile. I’m really appreciative of my Orange Eyewear. As a first time varifocal wearer, I was a little hesitant to try them, but I haven’t had a problem at all. You could say it’s been a bit of a transformation!”
DE, Pinner (March 2014)

Amazing service with great attention and care! My boys aged 4 and 6 had a fun eye test and they were made to feel very relaxed.  Thank you Eyesey!”
RS, St Albans (January 2014)

“You guys have been superb and friendly… I have nothing but praise for the 3 of you. Very happy with the service.”
VG, Pinner (Dec 2013)

My son was upset upon finding out he needed glasses and refused to accept it was necessary.  The staff at Eyesey Eyecare were fantastic!  They calmed him down and convinced him that he actually looked better in glasses and proved to him he could see better with them.  Thank you Eyesey Eyecare.”
SM, Pinner (September 2013)

“…Wonderful, the staff were brilliant and put me at ease with answering any queries I had. Now my whole family go to Eyesey Eyecare for the more personal touch!”
TW, Edgware (June 2013)

“I visited EyeseyEyecare and received outstanding customer service by Rabiyyah.  She was very attentive, patient and thorough with her eye examination.  This time I only changed the lenses in my glasses, but next time I might change my frames too as she has such a great selection!”
CL, Mill Hill (April 2013)

I had a vision and contact lens check at Eyesey Eyecare.  Rabiyyah did a thorough and professional job!  I would definitely recommend Eyesey Eyecare and I will be returning there for my next check up!”
TB, West Hampstead (April 2013)

I have a fairly complex prescription which also affects my night vision.  The care at Eyesey was exemplary, professional and thorough.  I have clear, comfortable vision and a very smart pair of spectacles!”
VR, Harrow (March 2013)

“I was looking for an optician because I had eye problems and a new one opened up in Pinner. I walked in and the young lady said she could help. She gave me a new pair of glasses which solved my problems.  The service is very friendly and all the girls look after me, so much so that I stop in for a cup of tea every now and then for a chat.”
RS, Pinner (March 2013)


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