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Key Eyesight Milestones in Children

As a child grows, everything about them changes faster than you can say Ooo Eyesey! So how do you know when there is a problem, if your little toddler can’t say to you “Mummy I can’t pick up that toy because my 3-D vision is not good” or “Daddy I can’t watch you as you […]

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The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: True Colours

Did you know that newborn babies can only see in black, white and shades of grey? It’s not until they are one week old that they start to develop some sense of colour vision, starting with the reds, oranges, yellows and greens, then gradually developing colour vision towards the shorter wavelengths of light i.e. the […]

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The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: The Newborn Eye Check

When I was still in the hospital after the little one was born, the paediatrician came to give her the “once over” before discharging her. She did all manner of things like checking weight, height, hip movements, head circumference… the list goes on. Then she whips out an instrument so familiar to me, yet so […]

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