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Case Scenario – Should My Child Wear Glasses?

A 4-year-old came to me for his first eye test a few months ago, no problems reported, just a normal routine check. There I was, all jolly as I usually am with children; getting down to their level, building some sort of rapport with them as I ask about their favourite superhero or princess. And […]

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Visual Stress – Fact or Fiction?

Visual stress; the new buzz phrase floating around. Is there such a thing or is it all just a myth? Visual stress is very real, and is becoming far more common than ever before with symptoms such as eye strain, headaches and blurred vision featuring highly amongst individuals who have never had problems such as […]

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Key Eyesight Milestones in Children

As a child grows, everything about them changes faster than you can say Ooo Eyesey! So how do you know when there is a problem, if your little toddler can’t say to you “Mummy I can’t pick up that toy because my 3-D vision is not good” or “Daddy I can’t watch you as you […]

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Alice in Wonderland – Pinner Panto 2017

30th November 2017… the highly anticipated annual Pinner Panto was finally upon us. As the Mad Hatter says “We’re all mad here” – a truer statement could not have been made that night! The days leading up to the 30th were filled with last minute colouring, snipping, sticking and painting as we put the finishing […]

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Eyesey Eyecare has “Bought a Brick” for the Heath Robinson Museum

Heath Robinson was a well known English cartoonist and illustrator, who lived in Pinner for many years of his life. The William Heath Robinson Trust has a wonderful collection of the artists’ work with no permanent home as yet. With financial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, as well as funding from grant-giving Trusts and […]

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Eyesey Eyecare joins the Pinner Independent Traders Association

Traders in Pinner have recently set up the Pinner Independent Traders Association (PITA). Eyesey Eyecare is proud to be part of this Association which aims to encourage the community to support local shops and businesses as well as to encourage more footfall into Pinner. The Pinner Pantomime evening on 28th November saw the launch of […]

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