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The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: Screen Time – Friend or Foe?

The Little One turned 2 in January and is growing and changing at the rate of knots. With both Hubby and I having professions in health care, we are very aware of how she is developing; specifically, in my case it’s her visual development and in hubby’s case it’s speech and language. We are naturally […]

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Key Eyesight Milestones in Children

As a child grows, everything about them changes faster than you can say Ooo Eyesey! So how do you know when there is a problem, if your little toddler can’t say to you “Mummy I can’t pick up that toy because my 3-D vision is not good” or “Daddy I can’t watch you as you […]

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Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes.

This week, 11th – 17th June 2017 is Diabetes Week. Organisations such as Diabetes UK are working tirelessly to raise awareness of the problems associated with diabetes, which can seriously impact quality of life, not only of those that have it, but of family members too. Diabetes affects the whole body, in particular, the feet, […]

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Astigmatism? What’s that?

“Astigmatism” is not a well known term when talking about the need for glasses. To highlight this, the question I get asked when discussing the fact I wear glasses, is: “What do you need glasses for, far or near?” i.e. long sight or short sight, otherwise known as hyperopia or myopia. My response: “Actually I […]

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How Many Times Do You Blink?

Blinking is something we never really think about. Have you ever stopped and consciously said to yourself… “Ah, now I need to blink!” I seriously doubt it… it is just one of those incredible things that our body does instinctively to protect the surface of our eyes. Did you know, our resting blink rate is […]

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My Nightmare Patient!

The pre-registration year is one of the most difficult years of your studying life if you are trying to become a fully qualified, competent, practising Optometrist. At least, it certainly was for me… Working – seeing patients every day, trying to take all that theory learnt at University and put it into real-life situations – […]

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