Featured in What Car? Magazine, the Serengeti Navigator sunglasses are described as being:

“…as good as driving specs get. The Serengetis deal with all weather conditions brilliantly – in bright sunshine they reduce glare, and in fog or rain the clever filter blocks out blue light to improve visibility”

New to Serengeti’s impressive range of lenses, they have taken their 555nm lens and added a reflective blue coating that blocks more light. As with all their lenses it is available in polarised ultra-light glass and Polar PhD lenses.


Serengeti sunglasses offer the very best in lens technology:

Photochromic Technology – designed to constantly adjust to changing light conditions, ensuring that your eyes remain fatigue free regardless of light conditions.

Polarization Technology – designed to eliminate distracting glare particularly on water or a wet surface, enhancing clarity and comfort.

Spectral Control Technology – giving high definition contrast and colour enhancement, blocking out distracting and damaging blue light ensuring less eye fatigue.

Serengeti makes 2 types of lenses:

Ultra-Light Glass lenses – the most optically advanced lenses on the market, encompassing all the Serengeti signature technologies.

Polar PhD – light on weight, heavy on photochromic and polarisation technology, these lenses are made of impact resistant Trivex plastic material.

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