Safety eyewear

In many working environments, the correct eye-protection is necessary – if not mandatory.

Eye injuries can be extremely painful and can lead to time away from work, a loss in income and permanent damage to or loss of your vision.

Working in environments that involve flying debris (such as wood and paint chips, dirt, dust, concrete particles and even nails) or within high-light/temperature intensities can cause significant damage to your eyes without the correct eye wear.


Eye protection is a requirement under Regulation 4 of the Personal Protective Equipment At Work Regulation 1992 when at risk in a hazardous area and employers must provide personal protective equipment that offers suitable protection to personnel who may be exposed to potential health risks.

Our close links with personal protective eyewear suppliers allow us to provide a range of eye-shields, spectacles and safety goggles and ensure that all safety specs that you require comply fully with British Standards.

Whether you are ordering safety eyewear as an individual or on behalf of your company for a number of employees, contact us today.


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