Permanent vision correction

There are a number of options to help you achieve freedom from poor eyesight and at Eyesey Eyecare, our experience allows us to complete an initial consultation, offering independent and impartial advice.

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is the most common form of permanent vision correction.

A simple, painless, 4 minute procedure will leave you wishing you had done it sooner!

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Not everyone is suitable for laser treatment and if that is the case for you, there are a number of increasingly popular, specialist non-laser treatments available – particularly for those with high astigmatism, irregular corneas and age-related visual changes including cataract and the need for reading glasses.

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL)

This is the most popular treatment for those unsuitable for laser and involves the insertion of a permanent lens.

Clear Lens Exchange (CLE)

Ideal for patients over 45 years of age, this treatment option will improve your vision and eliminates the possibility of developing cataract later on in life.

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

Similar to the CLE, but is specifically for those who have already developed cataracts, are struggling with their vision and would like an effective solution to improve their vision at all distances.

Keratoconus, Cross-linking and INTACS

These treatment options halt or reverse the progression of keratoconus.

Piggy-back Lens Exchange

A ground-breaking treatment for those with very high, complex prescriptions.

In the case of all permanent vision correction treatments, Eyesey Eyecare would take care of your initial consultation and your aftercare appointments.



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