Eyecare plan

Eyeplan is a monthly payment eyecare scheme, designed to offer you a range of benefits that represent real value for you.

The benefits of becoming an Eyeplan member include:



Inclusive eye tests
Your eye tests are all included in your Eyeplan monthly payments

Eye tests as often as needed
If you have a concern, just come in and see us

Value for money
Eyeplan members buy at the special, discounted, Eyeplan prices

Accidental damage cover
Enjoy being part of the ADS – Accidental Damage Scheme, where your spectacles are covered against damage

Peace of mind
Your eyecare is covered at any time with no large bills

Family benefits
Children can join at reduced prices

Contact lenses
Contact lens wearers can also benefit from becoming an Eyeplan member



For more information, please call: 020 8429 0101 or visit Eyesey Eyecare – Pinner.



Eye examinations
Eye Examinations at Eyesey Eyecare

Regular eye tests are important – the sooner a vision problem is detected, the greater the chance of successful treatment. Book an appointment today

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