Dyslexia & visual stress

At Eyesey Eyecare our Dyslexia Vision and Visual Stress service provides specialised eye tests, precision tinted lenses and coloured overlays to support adults and children with dyslexia, specific learning difficulties and visual stress.

Visual stress is a term used to describe visual discomfort and perceptual distortions in printed text, and is suffered (often unknowingly) by many thousands of people who struggle to read.

Visual stress often runs concurrently with dyslexia, with a higher likelihood of those with dyslexia having visual stress.

People who are suffering from at least one of the following may benefit from specific dyslexia vision tests:

  • Blurred letters or words which go in and out of focus*
  • Letters which move or present with back to front appearance or shimmering or shaking
  • Headaches or fatigue from reading
  • Words or letters which split into two and appear as double
  • Find it easier to read large, widely spaced print
  • Difficulty with tracking across the page
  • Upset by glare on the page, whiteboard, computer screen or oversensitive to bright lights
  • Poor reading ability
  • Poor concentration

(*Please note that a child may not necessarily recognise what they see as ‘a problem’, as this is how they always see text)

At Eyesey Eyecare, with a Diploma in School Vision, Rabiyyah is qualified and experienced in looking at binocular vision in much greater depth than might occur in a routine eye examination.

Careful assessment of eye dominance and muscle balance often results in a specifically prescribed set of glasses, and a quantitative assessment of reading ability can be measured.

Coloured overlays have been clinically proven to reduce binocular problems and improve reading ability; the specific colour being established by an overlay assessment.

If there is a positive result with the overlays, this may indicate the need for specific Precision Tinted Lenses, measured by a Colorimeter.


Colorimetry, using an Intuitive Colorimeter, looks at hundreds of different colours, varying the colour, brightness, saturation and hue, to accurately pinpoint the best colour for the individual, to improve comfort and accuracy of reading. Other conditions such as migraines can also be helped in this way.

Please note that the whilst the test may be referred to as a ‘School Vision Assessment’ or ‘Dyslexia Vision Assessment’, the test is applicable to children and adults and relates to dyslexia, visual stress and similar visual difficulties.

Many of the signs and symptoms associated with learning difficulties and dyslexia may be due to a binocular visual problem, which, once corrected, will make a significant, positive difference to their reading and learning.

The benefits may include:

  • Better school performance
  • Improved reading ability and speed
  • Improved arithmetic
  • Increased self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Clearer handwriting
  • Improved concentration
  • Decreased tiredness and anxiety
  • Reduction of headaches/migraines
  • Reduced hyperactivity

If you are concerned about you or your child’s vision, reading ability or symptoms of visual stress, or to book a Dyslexia Vision assessment, please contact us on: 020 8429 0101

For more information on dyslexia, please visit www.bdadyslexia.org.uk

For more information on School Vision, visit www.schoolvision.org.uk


Please call: 020 8429 0101 for more information or to make an appointment.


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Dyslexia & visual stress

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