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The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: Make Me Smile

For the first few weeks, of her life, my Little One would give these beautiful but random smiles. They would be at nothing in particular and would happen at any time. “It’s the Angels that she sees” cried the Grandmothers in pure delight. Whether you believe in Angels or not, it’s lovely to think that […]

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The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: Crocodile Tears

7 weeks in and the Little One still hasn’t shed a tear. Don’t get me wrong, she has cried… man has she cried, but not the tears dripping down her face kind of crying. She has come pretty close, where her eyes have become watery but that’s about it. Doing some research on this, I […]

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The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: True Colours

Did you know that newborn babies can only see in black, white and shades of grey? It’s not until they are one week old that they start to develop some sense of colour vision, starting with the reds, oranges, yellows and greens, then gradually developing colour vision towards the shorter wavelengths of light i.e. the […]

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