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The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: Burping and Farting

The two sounds I never thought I would grow to love, nor did I ever think would become music to my ears, would be “The Burp” and “The Fart”. The Hubby does it all the time… give him a glass of coke and some brussel sprouts and away he goes (yes, Christmas was tough in […]

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The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: Gripping and Kicking

Before the Little One was born, I already knew she would be a fighter… judging by the amount if kicking and banging around she was doing, a new kind of karate kid was about to be born!! Now it has been 3 weeks since Baby made an appearance, and she already seems to have a […]

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The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: Newborn Hearing

I often wonder whether Baby can hear the different sounds around her… I know about eye development in a newborn, but hearing is new territory. In the same way that a baby’s vision needs to be stimulated from the beginning, as I understand it so the same is true for hearing. One fascinating thing I […]

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The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: The Newborn Eye Check

When I was still in the hospital after the little one was born, the paediatrician came to give her the “once over” before discharging her. She did all manner of things like checking weight, height, hip movements, head circumference… the list goes on. Then she whips out an instrument so familiar to me, yet so […]

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Astigmatism? What’s that?

“Astigmatism” is not a well known term when talking about the need for glasses. To highlight this, the question I get asked when discussing the fact I wear glasses, is: “What do you need glasses for, far or near?” i.e. long sight or short sight, otherwise known as hyperopia or myopia. My response: “Actually I […]

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The Eyesey Baby Chronicles: Up Close And Personal

As a new mum, my little baby is with me all the time. She is super alert and looks around everywhere. But I have to keep reminding myself as well as my family and friends that at this stage in her development, she can only see things that are really close to her… so get […]

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